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Crumble of cheese in leeks
by Hector Poulet
Facility : ***
Nb Pers. : 4
Tms Preparation : 20 minutes
Tms Cook : 20 minutes
Ingredients :
- 1 kg of leeks.
- 100 g of Blue cheese from Auvergne (or some cheese of your choice).
- 100 g of butter.
- 100 g of flour.
- 3 eggs.
- 25 cl of single cream.
- 130 g of Swiss cheese or Emmenthal cheese (or of Parmesan cheese) grated.
- (Optional) nutmeg.
- Salt and pepper.
Preparation :
Reserve the white part (until the pale green) leeks.

Clean it, wash it, wipe it.
Cut the leek in four left lengthwise, then Cut them in small sections widthwise.

Them summits to cook 1 minute (0h 01) in the microwave oven.
In a frying pan melted 25 g of butter.
And melt them 10 minutes (0h 10) on fires soft (Thermostat 4).
Salt, pepper and nutmeg (if you like).

Preheat the oven in 200 ° Celcius, (Thermostat 6/7).

In a big bowl, beat eggs with the single cream.
Add the Blue cheese from Auvergne (either the chosen cheese) crumbled; salt and pepper slightly (be careful the already salty cheese and indeed to mix with leeks.

Distribute leeks in buttered drunk individual oven dishes and pour above the cream in the cheese prepared.

In a bowl, mix the flour and the Swiss cheese.
Incorporate 75 g of soft butter by working it with the fingertips in an unrefined sand.

Recover leeks there and put in the oven for 20 minutes (0h 20).

Hector ! I love you !
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This Recipe was added to our catalog on Sunday 06 June, 2010.

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