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Chicken wings in Rôtisson
by Hector Poulet
Facility : ****
Nb Pers. : 4
Tms Preparation : 5 minutes
Tms Cook : 45 minutes
Ingredients :
- 16 chicken wings.
- 1 jar of Rôtisson, the dough to roast Hector Poulet.
- 2 spoons of oil of grape seeds.
- Salt.
Preparation :
Preheat your oven in 180 ° (Thermostat 6, see Hectorine Poulet's Tricks).

Verify that every wing does not contain residual feathers; otherwise remove them.

Mix Rôtisson, dough to be roasted of Hector Poulet.
coat every wing with it generously with a brush.
incline Them in a dish of cooking (to put a sheet of aluminum at the bottom of the dish).
Place at the bottom of the oven, cook them at first, 15 in 20 minutes (0: 15 am).
Take Out the dish of the oven and turn delicately wings by paying attention not to damage the filler.
once turned, to cook them another 15 in 20 minutes (0: 15 am).
According to the obtained color and by putting your oven on steakhouse, to color them in a direction and in the other one still approximately 5 minutes (0: 05 am). Salt slightly and serve.

" Hector is not one-armed ".

Time of cooking are to be adapted.
Recommendation :
To taste with potatoes or some rice.

Recommended Wine : Mâcon village blanc
This Recipe was added to our catalog on Sunday 24 January, 2010.

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