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Cod brandade II
by Hectorine Poulet
Facility : ***
Nb Pers. : 6
Tms Preparation : 50 minutes
Tms Cook : 30 minutes
Ingredients :
- 500 g of potatoes.
- 500 g cod (desalted).
- 1 head of garlic.
- 4 shallots.
- Olive oil.
- Milk.
- A spoonful of fresh cream (crème fraîche).
- Pepper.
Preparation :

The wrong recipe, but good as in the south !

Start desalinate cod in cold water renewing this one several times (four water over 24 hours).

Poach twice :

Drain the water from the first appearance of boiling.

And with a start in cold water for 10 minutes (0h 10) from a slow and gentle boiling.

When the fish is cooked, peel off the finger and remove stubborn edges and remaining skin.

Cook the potatoes (cold start) in unsalted boiling water (cod will be even enough).

Sweat the shallots and crushed garlic in olive oil without taking colors.

Add the pieces of cod and continue to crumble with a spatula.

Mix carefully, working with a spatula over low heat.

Potatoes are cooked and drained, mash directly into the pan with the cod.

According to the obtained consistency you can add milk or not and cream.

Smooth with a spatula.

Equalize in a baking dish and brown the surface at 200 ° C.
Recommendation :
Banish the cheese or quite different sacrilege on the surface of the dish.

Recommended Wine : Sauvignon
This Recipe was added to our catalog on Sunday 17 November, 2013.

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