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Pâté of Easter
by Didier BAUJARD
Facility : **
Nb Pers. : 4
Tms Preparation : 20 minutes
Tms Cook : 110
Ingredients :
- Puff paste.
- 300 g of sausage meat.
- 300 g of thin pork (spinal column).
- ˝ glass of milk.
- 5 eggs.
- 1 soupspoon of flat parsley.
- 1 shallot or ˝ onion.
- 1 clove of garlic.
- 1 soupspoon of oil of grape seeds.
- Grey of Pepper.
- Grey of Salt.
Preparation :
The Stuffing :

In a frying pan, summits to clear the shallot (the onion) in the oil and to return slightly the garlic chopped then, to add the parsley. Reserve and let cool.
Mix outside the fire in a bowl: the sausage meat, the chopped pork, the shallot, the garlic and the parsley returned. Incorporate ˝ glass of milk.
Beat in a bowl an egg in omelet, then incorporate it into the stuffing.
Flavor to your taste the stuffing and let rest 10 minutes (0h 10).

Hard-boiled eggs :

In a pan of warm water, put 3 eggs and carry in boiling.
Let boil 10 minutes (0h 10).
Remove the shell of the egg at the end of cooking.

The Pâté :

Preheat your oven in 200 ° C (thermostat 7, Cf.: Hectorine Poulet's Tricks).
On a baking tray, put down a piece of greaseproof paper, beforehand cut, at least 25 cms on 25 cms.
Put the puff paste in the center of the paper.
On a strip 5 cm wide on 1,5 high, arrange on the dough half of the stuffing.
Give evidence above, by pushing them slightly and lengthwise whole hard-boiled eggs.
May cover them with the rest of the stuffingso as to form an oval. Moisten the edges of the dough with some water so as to assure a perfect sticking.
Reduce on each side and close so as to form the pâté of Passover.
Daub the pâté with a brush coated with yellow of egg.
Put in the oven one hour (1h 00).
Recover of an aluminum foil at the middle-cooking to avoid that the crust gilds too much.

Serve Warmly or cold.

The proportions indicated in these recipe are an average dosage and according to the taste are to be adapted.

: There are three methods for the pâté of Easter for the measure of hard-boiled eggs:

- Either whole and covered with stuffing (here),
- Or whole, have and slightly sink in on the stuffing,
- Is in half egg cut lengthwise, have on the stuffing (pâté is less high).
Recommendation :
Serve Warmly or cold

Recommended Wine : Crémant de Touraine
This Recipe was added to our catalog on Sunday 24 March, 2013.

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