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Pie crust pastry
by Hectorine Poulet
Facility : ****
Nb Pers. : 4
Tms Preparation : 25 minutes
Tms Cook : 30 minutes
Ingredients :
- 1 glass of oil.
- 250 g of flour.
- 125 g of butter or 15 cl of oil.
- 1 yellow of egg (optional).
- 5 cl of water.
- Table salt.
Preparation :
For for 1 big tart (30 cms in diameter) or 16 girls:

Pay the sifted flour with the salt into a salad bowl.
Dig a well in the center, put down the butter cut in dices in the middle.
Work a little bit with the fingertips by sanding the mixture: rub between your two hands the pieces of butter with the flour.
Add the water and the yellow of egg, work the dough quickly with the fingertips, to mix the whole. Train a ball.

Mill the dough 3 - 4 times (that is, crush the dough from the point of view of work while spreading him with the palm of the hand, to incorporate well the butter into the flour) .

Train a ball, and reserve for the cool in the clingfilm for 30 minutes (0h 30).

It's better to take out the dough, 15 minutes (0h 15), before spreading him.

- According to recipes, the cooking varies, but generally one her cooked in 180°C (thermostat 6) during 35 in 40 minutes (0h 40) .


Replace the butter and the yellow of egg by 15 cl of oil, and watch that the water is warm.
Quickly work the dough to train a beautiful ball.

Attention, it is thus more elastic and a little more difficult to spread, however it is more economic (with some oil of groundnut or sunflower !) .

The dough to be darkened is a dough which is of use as receptacle to a wet side dish which originally was not even intended to be consumed.
Today the dough to be darkened comes true as the pie crust pastry but without yellow of egg.
Recommendation :
Or dough to be darkened.

Recommended Wine :
This Recipe was added to our catalog on Sunday 10 June, 2012.

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