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Pumpkin pie II
by Hectorine Poulet
Facility : ***
Nb Pers. : 4
Tms Preparation : 20 minutes
Tms Cook : 40
Ingredients :
- 300 g of very ripe pumpkin.
- 1 puff pastry.
- Butter et Oil.
- 1 onion.
- 2 scallions.
- 2 spoonfuls of simple parsley.
- 1 glass of dry white wine.
- Lump sugar.
- 1 spoonful of Fresh Cream (crème fraîche).
- Salt and pepper.
Preparation :
Remove protest and the skin of the pumpkin (by small pieces, be carefull).
Cut pulp in dice and Chop it in the blender. Reserve it.

Chop onion. Reserve it.
Chop scallions. Reserve it.
Chop the parsley. Reserve it.
Melt the mixture of butter and oil and bleach onion while moving.
When the onion is bleached, to add shallots. To let cook the mixture approximately 5 minutes (0h 05).
To add pumpkin and glass of wine blanc.
To make cook by stirring up approximately 15 good minutes (0h 15).
The pumpkin is cooked when it becomes yellow orange.

At this time, the exercise is to balance sweetened - salted !

To taste and add salt and sugar in order to obtain the perfection.

To add the spoon of fresh cream (crème fraîche).

Out of fire; to pepper and add chopped simple parsley.


To preheat your furnace with 150 ° celsius.

In a mould, to lay out the paste with the bottom (is better to keep the greaseproof paper), to spread out the mixture, to cover with paste and to close the edge.

To let cook with the furnace approximately 30 minutes (0h 30).

And taste !!!
Recommendation :

Recommended Wine : Jurançon
This Recipe was added to our catalog on Wednesday 02 November, 2011.

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