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Butter in radish tops
by Hectorine Poulet
Facility : *****
Nb Pers. : 4
Tms Preparation : 30 minutes
Tms Cook : 10 minutes
Ingredients :
- Pink radish.
- Grey of Salt.
- Grey of Pepper.
Preparation :
Bring out the butter of the refrigerator a few hours before its use so that it weakens.

Put a pan of water with a little salt to be warmed.
To cut fade them radish, to wash them in big water (approximately 3 times) .

Plunge them 2 minutes (0h 02) in the pan of boiling water.

Remove them by means of a skimmer and refresh them immediately in a salad bowl of ice-cold water.

Drain them in a sieve and cross them in the mixer to obtain a very smooth purée.

In a salad bowl, work the butter with a wooden spoon until it takes the consistency of a cream.

Incorporate the purée.

Flavor of salt and 12 times of pepper mill. <

Serve this butter on slices of bread burned out in accompaniment of the radish !
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This Recipe was added to our catalog on Thursday 12 January, 2012.

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