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Hector Burger
by Hector Poulet
Facility : ***
Nb Pers. : 4
Tms Preparation : 25 minutes
Tms Cook : 15 minutes
Ingredients :

- 1/3 Mayonnaise.
- 1/3 Ketchup.
- 1/3 Savora Mustard or to make a mixture of 2/3 mustard and 1/3 sweet Curryon .
- Gherkins.
- Curryon Hector Poulet's jar.


- 4 chopped Beefsteak 5 % MG.
- 2 onions.
- Sunflower oil.
- 4 bread rolls with hamburger.
- 4 slices of Cheddar cheese.
Preparation :
Preparation of the sauce:

Pour into a bowl 3 soupspoons of Mayonnaise, 3 soupspoons of Ketchup, 3 soupspoons of Mustard Savora or similar (possibility of adding one teaspoon of olive oil).
Cut one-two gherkins in small pieces and incorporate them into the mixture.

If you have no Mustard Savora, to make a mixture of 2/3 mustard and 1/3 Curryon Doux.

Preparation of hamburgers:

Peel and chop onions.
Place them in a bowl and make them pre-cook for 3 minutes in microwave.
Pour into a frying pan 2 beautiful spoons of oil and stop there cooking onions by taking care of making them turn russet, to have a light taste of toffy. Reserve them.

Take advantage of the warm frying pan, cook beefsteaks.
To Spend breads with hamburger, make them slightly gild, side crumb and make them a little dried, side eats, in your oven in position steakhouse.

Place the bases of breads on a big plate.
Pomade the crumb with the sauce, put down there then onions, then beefsteak, Cover with a light layer of Curryon.

Put down the slice of Cheddar cheese, devoid of its plastic packaging.
Pomade the crumb of the hat with a little sauce and cover.

Spend the plate for a good minute in microwave and serve Hector Burgers!!!

The proportions indicated in these recipe are an average dosage and according to the taste are to be adapted.
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This Recipe was added to our catalog on Sunday 21 March, 2010.

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