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by Hectorine Poulet
The common fennel (scientific name Foeniculum vulgare, syn. Foeniculum officinal) is a biennial or long-lived plant, cultivated for the bulbous and fleshy swelling of its imbricated leaves the some in the others.

It is not a bulb as the onion as its name would let it think.

It is a plant of the family of Apiacées (Umbelliferaes), that we meet mainly in the Mediterranean climates.

In cooking, it is a vegetable among which all the parts, the roots, the leaves and the seeds, are edible.

Its taste is close to that of the anise and often associated with the fish. We can consume it in salad or cooked. It also enters the manufacturing of certain liquors, curators or spices of domestic use.


Anti-flatulent, spasmoyltique, expectorating, favoring the feeding, the diuretic (root of fennel) .


Digestive problems: flatulence, ballonnements, indigestion, colitis, bellyache, aérophagie, bad breath.
In the catarrhs of respiratory tracts: cough.
Feeding (favorisation of the lactation) .
To stimulate the appetite and lors water retention.

This trick was added to our catalog on Monday 21 May, 2012.

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