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by Hectorine Poulet
The Parsnip is a vegetable root of the family of the carrot. It was a vegetable forgotten in the pleasant sweet flavor, easy to cultivate and to cook.

Pastinaca sativa is native of the Mediterranean Basin.
Already known the Greeks and Romain, his Latin name " pasticana " also indicated the carrot, where from the confusion maintained between these 2 vegetables.
In the IIth century later J.C., Galien gives to the carrot the name of daucus pastinaca, but it is that in the XIXth century when Linné, in its classification of vegetables, will give to the parsnip an appropriate botanical kind(genre).

Basic food in the Middle Ages, the parsnip was darkened upon her arrival by the potato.
On the other hand, her consumption did not contradict itself in England and in the countries of the Northeast of Europe.

It returns on the front of the scene because of the renewed interest for the ancient vegetables, but also for its real qualities of food-health today.

This trick was added to our catalog on Monday 05 March, 2012.

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